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Welcome to Germany Ink - Skin Art in 53797 Lohmar!

Who wants off-the-peg work under their skin?

Every piece of skin art should reflect your own personality and be truly individual.
We are of the opinion that mass-produced products from template catalogs that have been engraved thousands of times worldwide simply do not belong under the skin.
And you will not find catalogs with such mass products at Germany Ink Skin Art, here every motif is "tailor-made" for you and your personality.
A what we say "Skin Art"  should be  unique - be it a correction, a scar, after all, you carry it around with you for a lifetime, and that's exactly what we do here: One-offs, i.e. bespoke work.
And if you're not quite happy with an old tattoo or a childhood sin, then come to us and we'll conjure up something new and very personal for you.

What we do:

Cover - up (covering tattoos or large to small scars)
Individual tattooing

Germany Ink Skin Art

Hausdorp 6  -  53797 Lohmar

+49 (0) 2206 9362618

+49 (0) 17664812665

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